Imagine if your website updated itself – meet Webclay.

✓ Easy to setup in under 30 minutes.
✓ Websites updated for FREE, forever.
✓ Free plans & Plus plans.

How it works.

No artificial intelligence, just real experience.

First, you have a great idea.

Think of something you need to share with the world whether it’s your business, event or idea.

Then, tell us about it.

Upload your logo (or don’t, we can sort that too), choose some colours, answer some questions about what you’re doing and what you think is important to your users.

After that, we’ll build your website and get you on the internet.

Once we know what you and your customers will be looking to do, we’ll get everything setup – website, SEO, email and Google Maps within minutes.

And then, we’ll continue to update your website, inline with best practice, to ensure your customers love it and stay engaged.